Waste TV

Waste TV (2017) is a sketch series following the programming of the imaginary television station, Waste TV.

Episode 1 – Herbie Jaguar Interview

“Mad” Chad has the exclusive interview with Herbie Jaguar, who has been missing in action from Championship Thumbwrestling since his thumb injury.

Episode 2 – Area 52 Interview

Area 52 responds to Herbie Jaguar’s challenge for a shot at the World Championship of the World! “Mad” Chad has the exclusive interview on Championship Thumbwrestling.

Episode 3 – Crazy Mike’s Taxidermy

Need your pet taxidermized? Need reliable plumbing while you wait? Look no further than Crazy Mike’s Taxidermy!

Episode 4 – Good Morning Show

Hank Jones gets off on brining you the hot issues in the community no one else wants to talk about. This week he brings on a slimeball guest from the city who defends their disgusting city picnic.

Episode 5 – Herbie Jaguar Workout

He was robbed of his World Championship of the World when Area 52 broke his thumb with a steel chair, but Herbie Jaguar has been working out 18 hours a day, and ten more hours on top of that, getting into peak form for his rematch.

Episode 6 – Crazy Mike’s Steakhouse

Everybody’s favorite entrepreneur Crazy Mike is back with a whole new business scheme, a steakhouse dripping in Western tropes and bloody animals!

Episode 7 – Chairman of the Chicken Racing Board

It’s that time of year where we choose Chairman of the Chicken Racing Board. This year newcomer Russell Lawrence sets his sights on Ronnie Rungle from the family who has run the board for generations.

Episode 8 – Garage Sale

Zander Horn steals the airwaves to sell you things he’s stealing, live on the air! See what Zander has for your this week as he sneaks around your garage on Garage Sale.

Episode 9 – Champion of the Universe, Area 52

Area 52 has been traveling the stars, spreading the message of his World Championship of the World title reign, but still has time to prep for the rematch of all universes, when he faces Herbie Jaguar on Championship Thumbwrestling.

Episode 10 – Garage Sale Pt. 2

He sold himself a ladder last time, but this week Zander has something new of someone else’s to sell on Garage Sale.

Episode 11 – Crazy Mike’s Money Madness

He’s sold you many thing in the past, but this time Crazy Mike is giving the money to you. Need an advance loan on your paycheck? Have you incurred huge gambling debts? Crazy Mike has the cash that you need!

Episode 12 – CTW: The Contract Signing

Ever since Area 52 broke Herbie Jaguar’s thumb with a steel chair, Jaguar has been coming for revenge. The two have been training and now they finalized the contract for the rematch of the year on Championship Thumbwrestling.